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Westwood Lakes

"I’ve seen all my cabins rented out."

Results in a nutshell

800% higher clicks than expected
Tackle shop revenue increased by £120,000

The Client

Westwood Lakes is a holiday letting business and online tackle shop based in Boston, Lincolnshire. They started small and have grown into one of the UK’s leading “onsite” bait and tackle shops.

The Challenge

The company wanted to drive visitors to their website to generate new sales and bookings. They asked us to help improve their presence on Google so more customers would discover them in internet searches.

We suggested running a Google Ads campaign, which would feature their website prominently in search results when people searched for words related to their business. This prominent position would ultimately attract more customers, driving more traffic to the website and growing sales. We set out to drive 150 clicks to the website each month and increase revenue by 30% (£36,000).

The Result

Since starting the campaign, Westwood Lakes have rented out all their cabins each month, something that would normally take much longer and require discounted prices and offers. They have also taken double the amount of revenue in their online tackle shop as the same time last year.

The only thing I have changed is my Google Ads so it has to be the reason for the increase in traffic. As a direct result of this I am doubling my budget.

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