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Social Display

Make your social media posts work harder in a premium environment.  

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Social display from JPIMedia

Put your social posts on news articles where people will really pay attention

Social media posts receive 7 times more attention, and 8 times more engagement1 when they’re placed in a premium news environment. On social media channels, readers scroll quickly and aimlessly, but they pay careful attention to what they’re reading on news sites like ours. Let’s take your social media posts and put them there for maximum impact.
Boost viewing time and attention by 7 times vs Facebook1
Appear in an environment 3x more trusted than social media2
Get 8x more clicks and engagements than the display average
Maximise existing posts’ value without further effort required
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Social display product options 


Give your Facebook ads a boost by publishing them in a place people trust
Facebook is the UK's favourite social networking platform - it's time your business took advantage of it
Format familiarity with the platform will encourage your customers to click

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Give your Twitter ads a boost by publishing them in a place people trust
Take the conversation out of Twitter and into our trusted newsbrands
Social display will help you promote the tweets you and your customers liked best 

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Give your Instagram ads a boost by publishing them in a place people trust
Create a creative that will catch the eye of new customers in just one click
Your post will go beyond the visual and appear alongside our high quality editorial content

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Stringers Lytham
"National World constantly strive to give us the best return on our investment. Really impressed!"

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