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V12 Sports & Classics

"The advice and relationship you get with JPIMedia is second to none."

Results in a nutshell

Increased sales
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The Client

V12 Sports & Classics are a Leicestershire based company who sell a range of used cars from sports and classics to ex-lease and general. They are the only car supermarket in the UK in association with the AA where 100% of their cars are inspected independently before selling.

They have three showrooms; one in Hinckley which was opened in 2012, the second in Stoke-On-Trent which was opened in June 2016 and the third in Wolverhampton, opened in December 2016. Having grown in quite a short period of time, their main aim is sustain this growth and raise awareness of their different showrooms.

The Challenge

Primarily, they are an internet based business with all of their cars appearing on various selling websites, so their biggest challenge is promoting local awareness of the business so that more people know about them.

Ultimately, they want the phones to be ringing and sales being made but they realise that they need to raise awareness first in order to get there. Establishing a presence within the local community is, therefore, a key challenge for them to overcome.

Their experience of print advertising was very new and not something they had done before so they looked to JPIMedia to develop their local advertising in print alongside digital.

The relationship you get with JPIMedia is second to none. We learned a lot from the team in regards to how print can work to raise awareness.

The Result

By working with JPIMedia, they were able to run various print adverts in different local newspapers, helping to raise awareness of their three showrooms.

Before the adverts ran, the client conducted some analysis on sales by postcode and noticed an increase in sales in the postcodes where the newspaper adverts were running. They even stopped their ads for a period of time just to see if they were making the difference. As a result, sales dropped which proved that print advertising was a key contributor in raising awareness of the business and driving more sales.

We didn't feel that our sales rep was just a point of contact; she was like one of the team. Anyone from JPIMedia has been on the ball with keeping in touch with us.

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