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Tupton Celebrates Together

"The team are really friendly. Communication was easy and the relationship was very relaxed."

Results in a nutshell

Event attendance rose to 1,500
Increased online reach from 100 to 1,500 people

The Client

Tupton Celebrates Together is a committee in the village of Tupton that runs a summer carnival and winter festival every year, both run on a voluntary basis and free to attend.

It was originally created to steer a one-off party for the Queen’s Jubilee, but due to the local community’s enthusiasm, the events have continued. The committee aims to bring the village together through putting on the best event in the Tupton area.

The Challenge

The committee relies on sponsorships and donations to support the events, so their biggest challenge is to raise awareness of the events and their goals.

Over the years the events have got bigger and, as a result, they’ve been able to offer more activities without charge to visitors. They wanted to increase the number of free events they run, something that could only come about by boosting visitor numbers. With this in mind, they needed help in raising their local profile to drive event attendance.

The committee came to JPIMedia for advice on the best advertising options available. The team discussed a variety of options, before recommending our sponsored content service as the most natural fit for the events.

The team are really friendly and we didn’t feel like we were pushed into doing anything. Communication was easy and the relationship was very relaxed.

The Result

About a day after the sponsored content campaign went live, the committee noticed a dramatic rise in their Facebook hits. Soon, they were reaching at least 1,500 people each week, compared to about 100 people previously.

JPIMedia were able to suggest different things and come up with ideas that would really help in promoting the event.

They had moved the carnival to a new and bigger field, and were pleased to be able to fill the space. The committee were thrilled when crowd counters noted a minimum of 1,500 at the event throughout the day. They had never achieved so many visitors before, and attributed the success to their sponsored content campaign.

A lot of the time you’re expected to know what you’re looking for which isn’t always easy. So it was a great experience to have an open conversation and really investigate the different options that might work best for our event.

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