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Trent Valley Windows

"JPIMedia paced our budget effectively so we receive a steady stream of visits and enquiries."

Results in a nutshell

40% year-on-year increase in website traffic
90 warm leads per month from Google Ads

The Client

Trent Valley Windows started 25 years ago as a small family-run company in Nottingham. They pride themselves on their reputation as trustworthy providers of quality windows, doors and conservatories.

The Challenge

Trent Valley Windows already felt comfortable with other marketing methods but had previously struggled with Google Ads without our help. They found it expensive as big nationals would bid highly for the words associated with their business, so their budget was being quickly spent.

Their JPIMedia representative, who had already successfully helped them to advertise with their local newspaper and news site, suggested they retry with our help.

The Result

The trial was a huge success, showing immediate increase in traffic to the website and decreasing the amount they spent per keyword. They were pleased to see in their monthly reports that as a result of Google Ads:

  • Website traffic increased 40% year-on-year
  • Each month the website received 500 new visitors
  • 85-90 warm leads enquired monthly

They consider 10 enquiries per £1,000 as a success, but are achieving more than this through Google Ads. It has helped them to reach a younger demographic than before, and allowed them to quickly expand into a new area and even open a second showroom in Derby. It is now their second biggest source of leads, beaten only by existing customers and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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