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Town & Country Property Auctions

"JPIMedia’s Google Ads expertise helped us reach the exact audience we were looking for"

Results in a nutshell

4,200 visitors
80 brochure downloads
25 valuations

The Client

Property auctioning is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, providing a quick, safe and transparent way to buy or sell properties. Town & Country Property Auctions offer professional advice to those looking to go down this route.

The Challenge

From the start, they had a large audience of people interested in buying properties, but they specifically needed to attract people who wanted to sell. So they collaborated with JPIMedia on a Google Ads campaign to target that audience. Starting in a 20-mile radius around Gatwick Airport, after 4-6 weeks of tweaking the keywords, the campaign began to show great results.

The Result

Now, five months into the campaign, they have racked up over 4,200 clicks with a click-through rate of 17.5% which has resulted in 80 brochure downloads, and over 25 valuations, and have decided to expand the campaign to the whole South East.

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