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The Bell Inn

"The team at National World definitely delivered the goods!"

Results in a nutshell

Doubled in growth
Engaged more customers

The Client

Established in November 2015, The Bell Inn is a local, family-run pub that embraces country life. They offer a family and dog-friendly environment with a relaxed atmosphere, always welcoming anyone who wants something to eat or drink.

They have a broad mix of customers from locals to tourists with their key goals being to drive up footfall and to build their reputation as a pub that provides a fair offering to locals and visitors.

The Challenge

Initially, their first challenge was to raise awareness as the pub had been closed for a while so letting people know they existed and were open for business was the first obstacle they had to overcome.

Their main challenge now, though, is to keep customers engaged and ensure they receive a great experience to encourage repeat business. However, this has proved time consuming for a small team of people which is why they approached us here at National World to set up a print advertising campaign so that they could concentrate and enjoy running their everyday business.

Being such a small village, advertising in our local paper has immensely improved our business.

The Result

In less than two weeks of the advert being seen in their local paper, they saw a big difference in the number of customers coming through the doors. On one particular day, half of the people that visited the pub said they discovered The Bell Inn by seeing it advertised in the newspaper.

The presence in their local paper has helped the business double in growth and they have even been able to hire more staff as a result.

The team are incredible; initially, we didn't know where we wanted to go with the adverts but the team were so helpful and guided us through it completely. They definitely delivered the goods!

Advertising in their local paper ultimately made sense for the business as it’s what their local community recognises and trusts which was a key reason they wanted to be associated with it in order to reach their ideal customers.

Thanks to their print campaigns, they now have a vision to extend their restaurant which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their adverts helping to increase turnover of people through the doors.

10 out of 10!

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