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Star Paws

"JPIMedia have a great reputation and nothing compares to them locally in terms of reach."

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The Client

Star Paws is a Northampton based dog-walking business that has been established since January 2017.

With competition fierce in the local area, Star Paws has developed two other strands to the business which helps to make them unique. The first is a pet taxi service, transporting pets to and from a vet or grooming appointment, and the second is chaperoning dogs to their owners’ wedding.

The Challenge

Initially, the owner used leafleting as her only marketing communication. However, she soon learned that more methods were needed in order to reach people who would be more likely to make a booking.

In this respect, the biggest challenge that the business faces is appealing to each of the different avenues that they cater for through their marketing.

The key goal for the business is, ultimately, to generate more sales. However, they also understand the importance of informing and educating their customers. As a result, they try to use social media to share posts that they think dog owners will find useful and interesting to help raise their business profile.

With this in mind, Star Paws wanted to try something new with their marketing and considered a content-led approach to appeal to more readers. They worked with the team at JPIMedia to create a sponsored content campaign to help promote the wedding aspect of the business.

JPIMedia have a great reputation and have been established for a long time. There's nothing that compares to them locally in terms of the level of reach that they can achieve.

The Result

As they wanted to promote a very specific part of the business, we recommended our sponsored content guaranteed views service. This way, they could feel assured that readers had engaged with the article by guaranteeing a set number of views over the period of one month.

I advertised with JPIMedia as it's well-recognised in the local area and I wanted my advertising to reach as many people as possible.

The content itself helped to spark conversation with people on social media and the owner was pleased to see an enquiry received off the back of the campaign. It was intended to raise awareness so that people might think about the business when they come to get married but also served as a consideration piece for customers actually planning for a wedding. The owner was very happy with the campaign and found the article to be cleverly written and extremely effective.

It's been a seamless experience from start to finish; from the first person taking my call to the sign off of the campaign, the whole team were very professional. I would definitely use them again.

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