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Sheffield Cable Waterski

"The team suggested lots of different ideas of how sponsored content could work for us."

Results in a nutshell

Increased website traffic to booking page
Low bounce rate

The Client

Sheffield Cable Waterski is a family-run business that offers activities including cable skiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. They have recently added an aquapark element which is where they wanted to focus their marketing efforts for this year.

With the British summer giving them quite a short window of opportunity to attract people to their business, their key goal is driving the right people to book through the summer so that they come back the following year.

The Challenge

Their main challenge is to find and engage the right people, particularly with elements such as wakeboarding as there is more of a learning aspect to it compared to the aquapark which has more of a universal appeal.

However, with the aquapark being so new, it was important for them to channel their energies into marketing this aspect in order to make it successful. They had previously used print advertising with JPIMedia to promote the wakeboarding and waterskiing side of their business, so they decided to try some digital advertising for the new aquapark. They knew a lot of their customers were younger and with all the new digital opportunities available, they wanted to try and appeal to more of them online.

The team suggested sponsored content which was entirely new to the client, however due to the success of their print adverts, they completely trusted the team’s suggestion of exploring a new way to engage more people online.

The team suggested lots of different ideas of how sponsored content could work for us. We were happy with the ideas presented and it was a very relaxed and open process.

The Result

As a result, they received an increased amount of traffic to their website from the news site which actually took people through to their booking page.

They also found low numbers of people leaving their website straight away once landing on the website from the article, also known as the bounce rate, which demonstrated how sponsored content worked to engage the right people who were interested in their type of business.

Following these pleasing results, the client is looking to do a similar sponsored content campaign next year for the wakeboarding side of the business.

Communication with the team was great and it was useful having one central contact that could manage our campaign from start to finish.

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