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Shares Magazine

"We've been very impressed with the packages proposed and the execution has been very straightforward."

Results in a nutshell

Rise in event attendees

The Client

Shares Magazine is part of AJ Bell, a financial services firm best known as a pensions platform provider. It was established in 1999 and employs 650 people. The magazine side of the business aims to help customers by giving them educational information about investing, which is supported by websites and events designed to help people be better invested.

The Challenge

As a digital only publication, Shares Magazine have more opportunity to increase their advertising as they have a far bigger reach online to engage a larger audience.

Their challenge is to try and move into new sectors in order to reach a broader range of clients. They approached us here at JPIMedia to promote an event based in Edinburgh to try and engage more visitors and drive up attendance.

We've been very impressed with the team's response to our questions, the packages they proposed and the execution which has been very straightforward.

The Result

Shares Magazine worked with the team to create a campaign that included a mix of both print and online advertising. Advertising with a newspaper local to the event was an obvious choice as it made sense for them to use a title that would reach as many people as possible within the area they wanted to target.

The client was pleased with the results they saw from the event with numbers of attendees on the rise. They attributed their mix of print and online marketing as great methods that contributed to the overall success of the event alongside their other marketing channels.

We felt confident in the team's knowledge and ability to do the right thing for our business.

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