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Red House Mysteries

"The results were amazing - £3,000 of additional revenue per month!"

Results in a nutshell

ROI 10:1
£3,000 additional revenue per month
200% increase in monthly spend

The Client

Red House Mysteries create Escape Rooms, interactive games and treasure hunts, combining elements of puzzles, exploration, immersive narrative and out-of-the-box thinking for groups of any size.

The Challenge

Red House Mysteries wanted to increase the number of bookings it received across its range of attractions. We have created a pay-per-click campaign on
Google Ads, and boosted the analytics offering after initial success to track bookings.

The Result

The results were immediate once the campaign was launched, leading the client to increase their monthly spend by 200%. As a result, ROI equalled 10-1, meaning £3,000 per month of additional revenue!

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