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Mick George

"The reach is the big benefit to us. We want to get our brand out to as many people as possible."

Results in a nutshell

Wider audience reached
Raised awareness of the business

The Client

Mick George Ltd have been established for over 36 years and are a well-recognised brand within the local community. They are the leading independent supplier to the construction industry within East Anglia and the South Midlands offering products & services such as skips, concrete, commercial waste services, and more.

They have recently moved into the retail market to offer more home and garden product ranges to domestic households and they have a long-term objective to manage all facilities for offices and commercial businesses.

The Challenge

As Mick George Ltd now offer so many different services and are constantly looking to enter new markets, the difficulty for them is to change perceptions that customers already have of them as solely a skip hire company. Raising awareness of the variety of services they can offer is one of their biggest hurdles.

They also recognise that engaging people online is becoming increasingly important, but find it a challenge due to the ever-changing digital landscape; it’s an area of the business that they want to keep pushing so that they can reach more of the local community.

Historically, Mick George Ltd used print advertising with us here at JPIMedia but with their expanding portfolio, we recommended they complement their campaign with online advertising to help build brand awareness and generate additional sales for new product areas.

The Result

Advertising in local papers and online news sites has helped Mick George Ltd reach large audiences and communicate their key messages in a cost-effective way.

The reach is the big benefit to us. We want to get our brand out to as many people as possible.

With our help they have managed to communicate different messages to promote their new product ranges successfully, helping to improve perceptions of the company as a provider of a variety of domestic and commercial services.

They have also effectively raised awareness of the business as an ever-evolving brand by delving into the digital marketing landscape to reach more online audiences.

It's not all about selling - it's just as much about brand awareness and the services and products we provide. Being present in a weekly or daily paper helps us to establish ourselves as more than a skip company as we get to put across different messages in each of our adverts.

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