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JMA Associates

"JPIMedia were a perfect fit for the business to reach more people in the local area."

Results in a nutshell

Drove event attendance

The Client

JMA Associates are a niche marketing agency based in Edinburgh who specialise in working with shopping centres in the north of the country.

For this particular campaign, they placed a webpage takeover and print advert for The Galleries Shopping Centre in Tyne & Wear, which is situated in the town centre and includes convenience, comparison and leisure retailers.

The Galleries have recently installed a solar power area on the roof of the shopping centre, so wanted to create a consumer awareness event to promote the centre’s eco-credentials and encourage people to understand the elements of sustainability and how they could recycle and reuse.

The Challenge

The key challenges for the centre are always raising awareness and engaging more visitors with what’s going on at The Galleries. With this new event in mind, it was the agency’s job to go out and communicate what was happening at the centre within the local area and found that readers of the local paper and news site visitors matched their target audience very well.

JMA Associates are great believers in a mix of advertising so approached JPIMedia to create an online campaign supported by a print advert that would help to raise awareness of the sustainability event at the shopping centre.

JPIMedia were a perfect fit to reach more people in the local area so it was a no-brainer working with them to promote the event.

The Result

It was the first time they had used a web page takeover campaign and they were very pleased with the results as a whole. They felt that the campaign definitely contributed to the overall success of the event as attendance was strong and it was received extremely well by the local community.

It was all very efficient. The team were able to deliver a campaign that we were pleased with.

The agency recognised that for shopping centres like The Galleries, it’s important for them to reinforce community ownership and be seen to be giving back which is what they felt they achieved with the event.

Advertising with JPIMedia will remain on the schedule for The Galleries as local people still engage with their local title so it makes sense to continue the relationship.

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