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Horizon Leisure Trust

"Their suggestion to run webpage takeover campaigns doubled the rate of sign ups for Horizon Leisure Trust"

Results in a nutshell

Almost 1 million impressions
Sign up rates doubled on campaign days

The Client

Horizon Leisure Centres is a not-for-profit charitable organisation dedicated to providing access to exercise and sporting facilities to everyone in the Portsmouth community.

The Challenge

The Horizon Leisure Trust has had a long-running partnership with JPIMedia, running many print and online ads in The Portsmouth News since 2012. In 2018, we suggested they try a webpage takeover to increase visibility and encourage sign ups.

The Result

Thanks to an ongoing series of webpage takeover campaigns in 2018, Horizon Leisure Trust racked up almost 1 million impressions and achieved a click-through rate six times higher than average online ads. On the days of the campaigns, Horizon recorded double the rate of signups compared to normal.

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