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Hopkins Solicitors

"The team are constantly on the ball and the advice and planning we get is second to none."

Results in a nutshell

39 new cases generated
359 clicks to website
150-200 monthly website visits

The Client

Hopkins Solicitors are a regional law firm with four offices based in Nottinghamshire. The company has been established for over 100 years and their main aim is to be the best law firm in the local area by offering a service that genuinely looks out for the client’s best interests.

Their existing clients make up about 75% of the business so their growth aspirations are more about expanding the services they offer, ensuring they cover as many legal needs in the local community as possible.

The Challenge

With competition fierce in the local area, one of their biggest challenges is setting themselves apart from other law firms and distinguishing why they’re different.

Their second challenge is educating their clients on how to avoid legal problems. Their aim is to raise awareness of the information available in order to drive more enquiries to the business.

Hopkins Solicitors have a long history with JPIMedia and have recently tried a mix of print and online advertising to help achieve their goal of generating enquiries. Their print advertising has always remained consistent so they were looking for new ways to develop their online opportunities as they recognised that a large part of the market could be acquired this way.

JPIMedia are absolutely brilliant. The team discussed what our targets and goals were, what we wanted to focus on throughout the year and what we might want to tweak in our annual advertising package.

The Result

In 2016, they saw pleasing results with 39 new cases that came specifically from their print advertising alone. In July 2017, they saw equally impressive results with a homepage takeover that ran for one week and received 359 clicks through to their website. Plus, their online adverts that run monthly across three different news sites achieved great success, generating 150-200 website visits on average per month.

The team check in with us regularly to run through what’s working and what’s not working to see how we can improve our campaigns.

Having two different types of customers - young people/professionals who live in the online world and an older generation who still pick up the newspaper - the mix of print and online advertising worked really well, ultimately helping them to reach more people and drive more website visits and enquiries.

They’re great at organising everything from start to finish. The team are constantly on the ball and the advice and planning we get is second to none. The team make it effortless.

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