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Gala Leisure

"The reach in the local area is key as the people visiting their local news site are the people we want through the doors."

Results in a nutshell

Drove event numbers
Saw growth in profit

The Client

Gala Leisure is a bingo club in Castleford which has been established for 21 years. The club attracts predominantly females aged 18 upwards and is seen as a social night out, rather than purely gambling.

They are looking at new ways to broaden the appeal of the business by offering different types of events and promotions. Their aim is to attract new members to the club as well as people who haven’t been in a long time.

The Challenge

Since seeing a decline in club attendance in the last year, their biggest challenge is building their customer numbers and generating new sales.

To broaden their appeal, they created a competition, giving people the chance to win a new car, so talked to the team at JPIMedia about advertising the promotion to reach a wider local audience.

After discussing options and recommendations, the club decided to try some online advertising and booked a webpage takeover alongside some print advertising. By advertising in both print and online, they saw it as a great opportunity to reach new people and increase the chances of their promotion getting seen in the local area.

For our type of business, the reach in the local area is key as people reading their local paper and visiting the news site are the people we want through the doors.

The Result

The campaign worked well alongside the club’s other marketing activities and they found it was a good contributor to the overall success of the promotion.

The team provided a very good service both in the planning stages and during the campaign. The aftercare has been great too; it's been a brilliant experience from start to finish.

Their promotional efforts culminated in an event where the winner of the car was announced. As a result, they saw a great performance on the night of the event as well as over the six-week campaign, seeing growth in both attendance and profit.

The team have been brilliant to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

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