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First Time Buyer Solutions

"National World helped us achieve £32,000 return on investment"

Results in a nutshell

£3,400 spend
£32,000 return on investment

The Client

First Time Buyer Solutions have spent 25 years connecting sellers with first-time buyers, providing an easy and friendly way for people to take their first step onto the property ladder.

The Challenge

First Time Buyer Solutions wanted to reach people who had their home up for sale in West Yorkshire, targeting those struggling to sell or unhappy with their current estate agent. As an initial campaign, we organised a guaranteed-views sponsored content piece on the Yorkshire Evening Post website, alongside print ads in the Yorkshire Post, YEP and the Metro. We also reverse published the sponsored content piece back into the YEP and YP.

The Result

From a £3,400 spend, the client reported £32,000 return on investment. First Time Buyer Solutions quickly renewed their partnership with National World, requesting a digital health check, in advance of continued campaigns throughout 2018.

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