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Ember & Vine

"We are local so advertising locally seemed like the perfect choice."

Results in a nutshell

Drove 64 clicks to their Facebook page
Saw increase in Facebook likes

The Client

Ember and Vine is borne out of the owner’s love of barbecuing which he wanted to bring inside to a restaurant. The eatery was established in the summer of 2017 and uses a range of different barbecue styles from American to Japanese.

The restaurant is a local family-run business who worked tirelessly to renovate the building themselves in order to keep costs down ready for its opening this year. Their growth aspirations are to fill the restaurant and keep it full, as well as improve the way they run the business as it evolves.

The Challenge

Since its opening, they have done quite well at getting people through the door but their challenge is to engage more people around the quieter, off-peak times. It’s important for them to trial offers to see what the local community responds to as it’s key for them to find out what resonates with people to bring them through the door during quieter periods.

Being so new, they were open to trying different marketing techniques to help promote their business which is where the team at JPIMedia were able to step in and make some recommendations. We proposed a web page takeover where Ember and Vine's adverts occupied all the ad positions on the homepage of their local news site to drive more people to their Facebook page without distraction from competing ads.

The team came to me and offered a great product. We are local so advertising locally seemed like the perfect choice. The proposal was everything I could have wanted for our first marketing campaign.

The Result

The team set the campaign live for the duration of a week and saw an impressive 64 clicks through to Ember and Vine's Facebook page, showing that the news site was a great way to drive the local community to their business. During this week, the restaurant also saw an increase in Facebook likes highlighting that the people visiting their page were really interested in their business and that their advertising was achieving their primary goal of engaging more people.

They were extremely pleased with the growth in numbers so were reassured that it was an effective way to generate more interest around the business online. As a result, they have also booked some print advertising following the success of their campaign to try and expand their marketing techniques.

Everything was clearly explained, from what a web page takeover was to where it would be seen. The design that came back for the advert was brilliant, and the whole process was hassle-free; it was easy enough for us to make the decision to work with them again.

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