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Barton Blinds

"JPIMedia took the time to understand what our business needed, which we believe was the key to success."

Results in a nutshell

50% increase in calls
Greater return from their marketing spend

The Client

Barton Blinds was founded in 1995 and is now one of the biggest blinds providers in Doncaster. They see themselves as a ‘local business’ and truly value the word of mouth trade driven by their excellent customer service and customer recommendations.

The Challenge

Barton Blinds were getting good results from marketing through their website, local newspapers and business directories. They asked us to pop in and chat through how Google Ads might help them generate more enquiries and sales. So we went over to Doncaster and explained how advertising on Google could work alongside their existing marketing plans, and how it could help them achieve good results without breaking the bank.

The Result

Almost as soon as the campaign was ‘switched on’ Barton Blinds witnessed a rise in phone calls from 200 to 300 a day. They also reported that…

People don’t just call with a general enquiry they say, “Can you come and see us?” which is a very strong lead.

They hadn’t changed any of their other marketing activity, so Barton Blinds attribute this 50% increase in calls directly to our work together on Google Ads.

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