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Active Iron

"Local news is sometimes forgotten when it comes to advertising, but with JPIMedia its value cannot be denied"

Results in a nutshell

66% increase in online sales in three weeks
23% increase in stockists
Boots Online sales were 15 units above average every week of the campaign

The Client

Active Iron produce dietary supplements to target iron deficiency. They offer a range of products for men and women that help optimise iron absorption for a healthy and active body.

The Challenge

Active Iron ran a digital and print campaign on 45 titles across the UK, seeking to increase the number of units sold through their website and the number of stores stocking their products.

The Result

In only three weeks the campaign generated a 66% increase in online sales. The number of stores stocking Active Iron products jumped by over 23% in the same period. Sales on Boots Online were 15 units above average every week of the campaign. Thanks to the success of the campaign, Active Iron decided to continue their partnership with JPIMedia.

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