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Family Notices

When you need to inform the community about a bereavement, we can help you get the message out quickly and easily.
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Help people in your community in their time of need

When your customers are experiencing a period of bereavement, our family announcements will help you keep the community informed. 
Place a personal and unique announcement in one of our trusted local publications
Benefit from a quick and easy process
Enjoy a bespoke service, where each notice is tailored to the individual
Have every notice edited and proof read by our dedicated and friendly team

Why work with us?

Full creative service

We offer wording suggestions, proofing and will tailor notices to each individual

Quick and easy

We'll make sure that any announcements are ready and published in the next available edition

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All our notices include contact information, so the family and friends can stay informed about funeral arrangements and donations

We also offer products to help you promote your funeral services brand

Video Advertising

Make a bigger impact with the UK’s fastest-growing advertising format
Attract 9x more attention than standard digital display advertising1
Tap into the the most impactful way for people find out about you2
Measure how your video has boosted awareness of your business
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Online Advertising

Perfect for businesses looking for an easy way to advertise
Sophisticated targeting options to reach the right people
Build awareness of the services you offer
Become the preferred choice for the community
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Sponsored Content

Become a respected presence in your community
Build local confidence in your service with a professionally-written article
Demonstrate your business’s particular expertise
Develop a strong local reputation
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Social Display

Make your social media posts work harder in a premium environment
Display your social media ads on our news sites, an environment 3x more trusted than social media3
Boost viewing time and attention by 7 times vs Facebook4
Get 8x more clicks and engagements than the display average
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1. Lumen & Unruly, 2018; 2. Animoto 2018; 3. YouGov/Local Media Works 2018; 4. Polar
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