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11th March 2021

Why Advertising In A Trusted Title Is Important

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As we face these challenging times, trust has never been more important. While the public continues to put its trust in the government to do the right thing to combat coronavirus, they also turn to local news brands for information about the pandemic that they could trust.

JPIMedia saw a 41% increase in visitors to our news sites during the first lockdown, while businesses who kept advertising with us recorded 27% higher “action intent” than competitors that didn’t.

More and more businesses are realising the importance of placing their ads in premium environments, where research shows they can expect increased engagement of 50%

Trust us - environment matters, so you need to put proper thought into where you advertise. Here are 5 key reasons why environment matters:

It guards brand safety

You don’t want your business’s brand tainted or associated with the wrong sort of messaging, so make sure you advertise in a safe environment.

The best way to ensure your brand’s safety is by keeping your ads away from inappropriate content. This means avoiding sites that might include disingenuous content and avoiding technology that might take the choice out of your hands.

This leads us on to programmatic advertising, the automated technology that many marketers and publishers use to buy/sell ad space. While it has proven its worth as a cost-effective, far-reaching method of advertising, recent examples of ads appearing in politically or morally misaligned environments have raised questions as marketers demand more control and transparency from the technology.

At the end of the day, this is your brand and your reputation, so the decision over which environment you choose is up to you. But where a single misplaced impression or misaligned ad can tarnish a brand reputation in an instant, it’s important you implement clear safety measures. 

At JPIMedia, we take transparency very seriously, and provide special brand lift reports on our customers' campaigns, giving them insight on how their campaigns are performing as well as control over future campaigns.

It builds better customer relationships

Choosing a quality environment for your ads will not only help you advertise effectively, it will also strengthen your relationships with customers. 

Would you buy a product from a store you didn’t feel comfortable in? Would you even walk into a store you thought looked inappropriate, or malicious? 

And this is the same for online. 

So when it comes to your advertising, think about your customers. Recent research by marketing gurus Newsworks, and neuroimaging company Neuro-Insight has shown that consumers react better in environments they trust, with ads on premium newsbrand sites being noticed twice as quickly and dwelt on 30% longer

If you advertise your product or service in an environment your customers don’t trust, they’re less likely to buy from you. So think carefully and advertise in an environment that is right for you and your customers.

Big tech are losing trust..and advertisers

The world’s biggest tech companies have always dominated the industry, but a number of recent setbacks have caused intense scrutiny of their processes. 

According to the 2019 Cairncross Review, half of UK adults worry about “fake news” and social media is seen as the main culprit in facilitating its spread. The review, which set out to “level the playing field for UK journalism”, also highlighted this question of misinformation and offered publishers various ways to remove the deliberate spread on their services.

Facebook, in particular, is facing a string of major advertising boycotts from the likes of Verizon, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Honda, after being accused of hate speech, misinformation and fake news. 

While it would be premature to suggest their reign is over, gone are the days where big tech used its lobbying muscle to avoid regulation. Instead, public and professional trust in these companies is declining, paving the way for other more trusted environments like local news..

Local news is rising

The pandemic sent the global public back to more trusted news sources and more people than ever are paying for news from leading organisations.

When searching for coronavirus news, 67% of Britons turned to their local newspapers, websites and phone apps. This means the majority of us chose to get our valuable information from local news rather than both the government and social media. 

Here at JPIMedia, we have steadily published a mix of campaigns and editorial projects to show our support throughout the pandemic, ranging from campaigning for local pharmacies to curating and promoting positive stories about communities.

Our audience even rated our news titles the second most valuable source for coronavirus news, second only to national TV. This not only demonstrates our value to the local public but the value of trusted newsbrand sites.

It delivers positive advertising impact

You can produce the best and most valuable content, but if it’s in the wrong place, the right people won’t see it. 

Lockdown restrictions are finally easing, making it more important that ever that your campaigns make an impact. Advertising in a clean environment with trusted publishers is the best way to do that.

Here at JPIMedia, we pride our news titles on being a trusted local source for consumers and advertisers. Get in touch with one of our experts if you would like to work with us on your next advertising campaign. 

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