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11th March 2021

Re-Energise Your Brand With Always-On Marketing

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Coronavirus has had an impact on every part of our lives, from how we work and socialise, to how we spend our money. Pandemic restrictions are now easing and the country will soon be adapting to a new normal. 

Whether your business was closed or open in a limited capacity during lockdown, it is important now to remind customers who you are, what you sell and why they should do business with you. 

The good news is that the two previous lockdowns have helped UK households save around £17.5bn a month, and consumers are now eager to get back to the shops. People are ready to spend, so planning and building a strong, ongoing marketing campaign will help make sure they spend with you. This means using a range of products and techniques to not only keep your business in customers’ minds all year round, but capture new ones along the way.

Build better customer relationships

While the way businesses interact with customers has been undoubtedly altered thanks to the pandemic, that hasn't stopped people from spending online and sales growth accelerated last month. This makes it the perfect time to re-engage with your customers, picking up the relationship from where you left off.

Always-on marketing goes hand in hand with relationship building, with a long-term marketing strategy effective in not only finding new customers but marketing to your existing ones. If you can, hosting a relaunch event, for example, will be a nice reminder that while it’s not exactly ‘business as usual’ you are open and better than ever. 

Ultimately you want your messaging to stay sensitive. Reach out to your customers with help and support rather than marketing, offering flexible return policies and payment plans to address immediate customer needs. Don’t forget to communicate the hygiene measures you will integrate to protect your workplace and mitigate risk, such as contactless payments and home deliveries.

Find out how our online advertising packages will not only help you better understand your customers’ needs, but also raise awareness of your business overall. 

Reconnect with your community

The pandemic has not only impacted your business but your connection to the community. Now is the perfect time to reinvigorate this relationship.

The best thing you can do is by get out into the community and interacting with your customers again. So until restrictions allow, start planning a workshop or volunteer event that will showcase your skills and social conscience, as well as provide key exposure for your own business.  

Until that day happens, there are still plenty ways you can interact online. Alongside online events and webinars, it's important you continue to communicate with your customers via email, social media and telephone. Keep them updated with what your business is up to and the safety measures you are taking to make it safe for them to return.

At ConnectLocal, we launched our #SupportLocal initiative which shined a spotlight on local businesses and those who went above and beyond for their customers. This was a great way to show our support for local communities and individual achievements during this crisis. 

We're all this together, and it's important to show your support for your local community while we recover from these trying times. So whether it's a social media campaign or community engagement event, embracing the community spirit is a great way to come back with a bang. 

Show customers nothing has changed…

While yes, a lot has changed, your dedication to your customers hasn’t. Your connection with customers and clients should always be your top priority, whether you’re going through a pandemic or just a really tough Monday morning. 

While always being ethical and honest in business, it is also important to simply be there. And always-on marketing means being there as much as possible. 

Customers expect responsiveness especially now, so it’s important you are available to them in every way possible. This means making sure your social media and email output is steady and consistent as well as keeping your opening hours up-to-date and responding to queries and complaints promptly. 

The best way to ensure greater accessibility to your customers is with an user-friendly company website. Find out what packages we offer and how to get started. 

...but where there is change, it’s for the better. 

While no-one could deny the last year has been difficult, that’s all the more reason to come back stronger with new products and a more innovative attitude.

Show your customers you weren’t idle during lockdown and launch new projects and promotions that can help both your business and customers.

Replace passivity with greater interactivity with social media and video advertising, encouraging your customers to do something  e.g. click, watch, swipe, tap. Sponsored content is another great way to show why your product is important, with a high quality article showcasing what makes it unique. Similarly, creating and then promoting a video advert will give you an opportunity to share your expertise and show how your product works.  

How to stay Always On

Now that pandemic restrictions are slowly easing it’s time to do what you can for your business and your customers. 

Returning to the world of marketing after time away can feel daunting, but the best way to re-energise your business is to get your name out there, and keep it there. From video advertising to sponsored articles, our range of digital and print advertising products will show what makes you unique and help you raise awareness all year round. 

If you’re interested in always-on marketing and want to figure out how to better serve your audience, get in touch with our marketing experts to help make it happen. 

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