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"JPIMedia are fantastic to work with; we've been really impressed with the team and their flexibility with our changing needs."

Results in a nutshell

Increased enquiries
Raised awareness

The Client

Colourfence is a franchise business that provides an alternative to wooden fencing in the local region of Harborough, Melton & the surrounding area.

They are only in their first year of trading but are already exceeding turnover expectations. One of their main aims is to ensure that they are front of mind and are the first choice for people looking for fencing services or products in the local area.

The Challenge

As the franchise is still in its infancy, their biggest challenge is raising awareness of Colourfence in the local area as relatively few people know about the product and its benefits. Overcoming this challenge would help them to grow significantly as reaching an untapped market would be a huge opportunity for the business to increase sales.

They realised that the best way to reach a large audience was through their local paper which is why they approached us at JPIMedia. As the owners were part of the local community themselves, they knew the local paper well and saw that it appealed to their target customers. With this in mind, a print campaign was created to help meet their needs more specifically.

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to work with JPIMedia is the fact that it is a respected and reputable publisher, and our local paper is something that people will go and buy every week.

Colourfence understood that their product was more of a considered purchase for customers so the print campaign was, therefore, designed to raise awareness of the business and establish it within the local community as the go-to place for a person’s garden fencing needs.

The Result

Following the launch of the print campaign, Colourfence saw an increase in leads as a number of people said that they had seen the ads in the paper which led to them getting in touch. They found that it was a great way to raise awareness and get their business recognised more widely in the local area.

JPIMedia are fantastic to work with. We've been really pleased with how easy it's been to engage with the team and make changes; they've been really flexible and changed things with the needs of the business in mind.

Due to the campaign’s success, Colourfence are looking at other print advertising options across more newspaper titles. They would also like to move ahead digitally with some online advertising in the near future, helping to complement their print campaign as they recognise its importance in engaging more local people.

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